TC ” Role of local youth councils in EU countries: Exchangeof good practice”

The Erasmus+ project “Role of local youth councils in EU countries: Exchange of good practice” will bring together 31 participants from Slovenia, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Romania and Italy, on a 7-day training course on local youth policy development and empowerment of local youth councils from 6th to 13th of December, 2021 in Slovenia.
The project will bring together participants from different fields of youth work: youth workers, municipal youth professionals, municipal youth coordinators aiming to ensure better cross-sectorial cooperation and create peer support groups at the local level to gain greater impact on local youth policies and programs.
With this project we aim to:
• Share good practices for implementing youth policies at municipal level in countries that are partners in the project.
• Preview in upgrade the role of local youth councils – make them more open and visible, clear the mandate in conjunction with other youth institutions in the decision-making structure at the local level.
• To train municipal specialists and youth workers to research youth issues, to analyze the situation of young people, to develop a proposal for the development of youth policies at the local level, to maintain tools for involvement in the development of innovative youth policies.
• Develop clear implementation schemes in support of youth policies based on the situation of young people in specific municipalities, from which participants are coming from.
• Discussion on trends, strategies, necessary policy-making, youth participation and youth work in EU.
• Learn how to make youth policy and youth services that attract young people with fewer opportunities